Work Benches and Tables

­Creation number one started with a typical workshop need. Work surfaces..... namely work tables.  In most woodworking projects a big flat surface is needed at some point.  Being heavy is also a plus - do not want it moving around when planing, hammering, clamping, or any other operation. Having said that - mobility is also a plus as projects and workspace requirements change.  The tables I build are southern yellow pine with tops that are 2 and 1/4 inches thick, 4 foot  wide by 6 foot long. The legs are sturdy 4 inch by 5 inch legs. Each table is on step down casters - so it can be easily moved when the need arises, but otherwise rests on the sturdy legs. Each table weighs over 200 pounds. These tables are sized for my needs and space.  As I built them, I started thinking about workbenches - a need for anyone with a home. A place to work on all the inevitable projects that come with owning a home, and working on projects - so that became my first creation for sale.


Whether you want a work bench or table - either makes a great addition to  any home shop, a statement piece in a living room, or anyone's man-cave or she shed. Take a look at the pictures below. This workbench is a great centerpiece in our living room for now. It would also work great as a Kitchen Island or television/digital media stand.



  • The worktables are  $1400 plus sales tax.
    • I have two that I use in my shop - let me know if you are interested in seeing them.
    • Other than the size - they are similarly built, but the tables do not have vises/dog holes.
  • The workbenches  are $2000 plus sales tax.

­The workbenches and tables take 3-4 weeks to build, and I do not keep more than one in stock at a time - so let me know if you want one - it'll take a bit of time.

Also - I cannot deliver these - so contact me and we can work out how to get it to you.

­Call about other wood choices (I started with pine as all the wood I cut for myself is not  appropriately sized for workbenches - so I have to buy wood stock).


Workbench Features:

  • 30" by 90" with 2 and 7/8 inch thick butcher block top with full width supporting trestle.
  • Large 4" by 5" legs provide heft and good ground contact.
  • Workbench surface is 34 inches off ground.
  • Weight - a sturdy 350 pounds - helps prevent table movement and racking under loads.
  • Beautiful South Yellow Pine construction throughout - classic knotty pine appearance.
  • Locally harvested Ash skirt and jaws for solid clamping surfaces.
    • Skirt is integral part of top - glued and reinforced with walnut dowels, providing a nice visual appearance.
  • Finished with non-toxic Danish Oil (polymerized linseed oil)
    • No heavy metals, solvent free, zero VOCs
    • Food safe - made from all natural ingredients. This product is used on cutting boards for use in the kitchen.
    • Provides an easily repairable surface that protects wood from glue, water, and other typical shop related activities.
    • Provides a low-slip finish to help keep work pieces in place.
  • Mortise and tenon jointery for all joints including legs to table top and all side rails.
    • Glued mortise and tenon joints make a sturdy base for planing, drilling, clamping, and other activities that exert vertical or lateral forces on work piece or bench.
  • The top is attached with a bolt in the center of each top lateral rail instead of actually being glued (there is  a mortise/tenon joint with appropriate clearances at each leg to the top - but it is not glued). This attachment method allows for differential expansion and contraction between the table top and base. Without this attachment method, it is possible that over time, the expansion/contraction of the top would pull apart the joints on the base.
  • Storage shelf with center support to prevent sagging.
  • Step down casters make moving the workbench easy, but allow you to keep full leg to ground contact while workbench is in use.
  • Under-mounted steel face vise with 2" Ash jaws.
    • Twin support boards to help eliminate racking
    • Jaw contains holes for bench dogs.
  • Rows of bench dog holes in workbench top to hold work pieces steady.
    • 4 plastic bench dogs.
    • Plastic dogs are durable and will not damage hand planes if they are accidentally hit.

Work table gallery below- click to view larger images.

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