Nightstand with Gun Safe and Hidden Compartment:


  • Keep your firearms and/or other valuables away from prying eyes or those curious kids!

  • The gun safe is hidden in a drop down compartment, so is not readily visible to curious kids, nosy neighbors, or  anyone else that you would not want to know you have a safe.

  • Biometric gun safe with a laser cut backup key and keypad.  The biometric reader responds quickly - and the safe opens in less than a second - allowing for quick access when needed.

  • Hidden drawer in nightstand without the gunsafe. Looks like a normal drawer, but hidden drawer accessible by flipping a small latch.

  • Deluxe quick-access firearm safety device for securely storing valuables, documents, and a firearm; pry-resistant door and durable dual-layer steel housing.

  • Whisper-quiet rubber buttons and gas-spring door ensure instant, quiet, single-handed entry; automatic-opening door .

  • 500 DPI semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor with excellent match speed of less than 1 second for extra-fast entry .

  • Large fingerprint capacity (up to 50 individual fingerprints); touch lifetime of up to 1,000,000 times; back-up key included for emergency use.

  • Beautiful South Yellow Pine construction throughout - classic knotty pine appearance.


Nightstand without a safe  $175.00

Nightstand with a safe  $375.00

Price for Pair - no gun safe  $350.00

Price for Pair - one gun safe  $550.00

Price for Pair - two gun safes  $750.00

Plus sales tax

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