Dorogi Wood Farm Creations

Welcome to Dorogi Wood Farm Creations.  My wife, son, and I started our woodworking business in the summer of 2018. I have been working with wood in limited capacity (evenings and weekends on and off) most of my life - starting in my Dad's workshop when I was a kid.  Dad was an industry recognized  luthier and master craftsman. Dad passed away in 2017 - so all his equipment has been sitting idle for a while. Recent changes in my  traditional work commitments have allowed me to focus on woodworking full time - starting with building a workshop, moving all Dad's equipment, and buying/building some of my own equipment.

Building the shop  is the final (or maybe just another) step in a long term plan that started in 2003 when we purchased 47 wooded acres. Over the last 15 years, we have built a house - with too many projects and additions to mention. I have also committed too many hours to count rehabbing the 47 acres. The acreage has a major infestation of several invasive species. The first one I spent a lot of time managing is Asian Bitterweet. It will destroy a forest if not managed. It is still a work in process on my part. The second species is a recent infestation of Japanese Stiltgrass,  which unfortunately, I did not recognize before I spread it all over my property by bushhogging and other land clearing activies. Lastly - a tornado hit our property in 2011, which downed hundreds of trees. That distracted me from the invasives for a while - but did result in me buying an Oscar Hudson30 bandsaw mill - so I have been milling my own lumber for a while now. So - now with 47 forested acres, a bandsaw mill, a complete woodworking shop, and TIME - we have a fully functional Wood Farm! Now come the creations......


We  are constantly evolving and growing. I sell workbenches, worktables, wooden toys, games and other wood related items. Click through the tabs above for more detailed descriptions of each - including pricing. I am sure I will be adding new creations over time - and if you have any custom piece you would like built - let me know via the contact us tab above. I can built tables, furniture, kitchen islands, live edge tables - most anything out of wood. Just let me know - and thanks for looking and supporting a local woodworker!

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